Sree Venugopala Devaswom


"Dhyayeth Gopalakrishnam Suratharu Vasathou Rathna Simhasanagrey
Venum Panidwayenadharamanisudhaya Poorayantham Vasantham
Bibhranam Samkhachakraam Kithakarayugalam Sathyabhama Sametham
Rugminia Sobhamanam Gavayakarimrugair Gobhiraswadithamkhrim"


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Om Sree Venugopalaya Namaha


Purakkad Sree Venugopala Temple is situated in the Purakkad Village, Ambalapuzha Taluk, Alappuzha District, Kerala State belongs to the Gowda Saraswatha Brahmin Community.  This famous temple owned by Prakkad-Sree Venugopala Dewaswam is one of the ancient temples of the Gowda Saraswath Brahmins who fled from Gova to Kerala to preserve their culture, identity and the spirituality of the community.

          At that time there was a good Port and Harbour at Purakkad which was ruled by the Raja of Chembakassery who whole heartedly helped our ancestors to construct this famous temple about 400 years ago.  The Temple is situated on the eastern side of the NH-47 around 17 Km. south of Alappuzha town.  The ruler has provided sufficient immovable and movable properties to meet the expenses of daily poojas, monthly and yearly special rituals of the temple.  We learn from the history, that this sacred temple was the richest one, all over Kerala.

          As time passed by, the Port vanished as a result of sea erosion, most of the  members of the community left this place for their livelihood.  Even now the members who were born in those families continue to come to Purakkad with devotion and reverence and have darshan of  Sree Venugopala Devar.

Devotees bring their children to Purakkad Sree Venugopala Temple to performance "Devak Deevop" (Child will be at the care of Lord Sree Venugopala) and later perform  "Sodovop" (releasing) at the time of Upanayanam/marriage.



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